New detection method

To meet consumer demands for high quality pork it is necessary to sort out pig carcasses containing a high concentration of the two compounds that are the cause of boar taint: skatole and androstenone.

DMRI is focusing on methods and technologies for efficient production of safe meat products of high quality at competitive prices. Therefore they have developed and validated a method for the simultaneous measurement of skatole and androstenone in back fat samples from entire male pigs. This method fulfils pre-defined demands for accuracy, speed and low cost. The method is currently in the process of being implemented.

The method also makes it possible to determine the level of boar taint compounds in e.g. a subsample of entire male pigs delivered to the slaughterhouse with the aim of investigating differences in boar taint compounds according to breed, producer, feeding regime etc.

Read more on the Danish Meat Research Institute, or view the DMRI slaughterhouse guide to the production of entire male pigs.